Sosua is a resort town in the Puerto Plata province of the Dominican Republic north coast: conveniently located just 4 miles from the International Airport Gregorio Luperon of Puerto Plata it can be reached with daily flights from the U.S.A. and from Europe.
The town of Sosua has 49,593 residents including expatriates (4,802) from all over the world.


The beaches of Sosua are considered among the best in the Carribean: the main and most famous beach of Sosua is called Playa Sosua, it features calm, clear and warm waters, coral reefs and an it is visited by tourist from all over the world. Playa Sosua (Sosua beach) is inside the Sosua Marine Park.
Warm weather for the whole year make visiting Sosua convinient from January to December, to choose the best months and to learn more about Sosua average temperatures and average rainfall levels you can visit our article about Sosua Climate

Sosua vibrant tourism industry provides its economy  with a solid support: Sosua unemplyment rate of 8% is well below the national 13% rate.

There are 87 hotels with 4506 rooms in Sosua, plenty of restaurants and bars other touristic activities.
Despite contraddictory aneddotical evidence, when it comes to hard data, Sosua is a safe and secure town: according to the official 2014 data of the "Oficina National de Statisticas"  the crime rate of Sosua (or number of homicides per 100,000 inhabitants) was 1.6 which is very low when compared to 44.6 of Detroit (USA) or 113.84 of Acapulco (Mexico) or 47.89 of Recife (Brasil). Peraphs the only real danger of Sosua are traffic accidents: driving in Sosua requires a lot of attention as it is the case in all the Carribean and in South America.

Airlines with direct flights to Puerto Plata International Airport Gregorio Luperon from North America and from Europe include: Air Canadam American Airlines, JetBlue, United Airlines, Condor and Eurowings.

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