Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Storm waves at Playa Sosua

On Monday and Tuesday (March 5 and March 6) massive waves hit the North Coast of the Dominican Republic:  Sosua, Puerto Plata and Cabarete were not spared....

This picture of Puerto Plata Airport posted by Jean Suriel on Twitter became viral...massive waves flooding the airport of Puerto Plata.

The storm was caused by cold wind and low pressure from the North Atlantic Ocean:

North Winds caused by the low pressure area in the North Atlantic are hitting the  DR North Coast

The COE (Centro de Operaciones de Emergencia) has prohibited swimming in the beaches of Sosua, Cabarete , Boca de Yascica because of the danger caused by abnormal waves.

The waves hitting Playa Sosua has moved a lot of sand from the Weast end of the beach to its East end: Playa Sosua West has lost a lot of sand and the rocks are now exposed while a new beach formed on Playa Sosua East in front of Hotel Bellamar and Hotel Victorian House. This is likely to be a temporary phenomenon, normal currents should reshape the beach in the coming weeks.

Playa Sosua: sand movements 

The new beach forming East of Playa Sosua (photo by Rissatory Arte)

Damages and erosion West of Playa Sosua

Be prudent and stay safe for the next couple of days: no swimming still in force.