Saturday, January 20, 2018

Sosua River

Sosua River is a small river of the Puerto Plata hydrographic region and drainage system: its source is South of Sosua from a  280 mts (918 feet) high hill, it flows for approximately 11 km (6,8 miles) crossing Susua Abajo first then Los Charamicos before reaching its mouth in the beach Playa de la Boca of the Sosua Bay. Its watershed is strongly seasonal, it dries up almost completely during the summer dry season and it runs full in the rainyseason with its maximum watershed between December and Janauary.

Sosua River from Google Earth

Dominican Republic hydrographic regions

The Sosua River feeds the ocean in the beautiful Sosua Bay creating a very important reproductive ecosystem inside the Sosua Marine Park.
Unfortunately during its passage through Sosua Abajo and Los Charamicos the river receives significant quantities of untreated seawage water which makes the river highly polluted, indiscriminate garbage dumping into its bed make its pollution problem even worse and despite periodical cleaning campaigns organized by the Sosua Marine Park authority and by volunteers the situation has not been resolved and the damage is felt through all the ecosystems chain of the Marine Park.

Sosua river mouth

The place name Sosua is originated from the river name: Sosua is not a word with Spanish roots, its etymology has to be researched in pre-Colombian languages.
There is a word "SOSUA" in the Chibcha language spoken by the Muisca people in Colombia: it means "worm" and it can figuratively describe a convoluted river, however it must be pointed out that the Tainos of the Dominican Republic spoken a Arawak type of language and there  is no trace of a word Sosua in what we know of the language spoken by the Tainos. It could be suggested that the word Sosua arrived in the island of Hispaniola before the Tainos during early immigrations of some people of the Ortoiroid culture but further study is obviously needed to verify this hypotesys. It would be interesting to have some expert of linguistics and some archeologists discussing the origin of the name Sosua.

Lombriz=Sosua from a rare manuscripted chibchan dictionary of the Biblioteca National de Colombia