Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Playa Sosua: now and then

I have often wondered how Playa Sosua looked like in the late thirties and early forties back in the time of the early modern Sosua....we all know that the old village of Sosua has changed a lot: from few wooden houses to a town of more than forty thousands residents, but what about Playa Sosua? How did it look back then? I needed to find some historical pictures of Playa Sosua to answer that question so I started to search: eventually I landed on Sosua Virtual Museum website and there I browsed  a collection of Sosua pictures in the early forties donated by Steve Walter to the Sosua virtual Museum, among them I found what I was looking for a beautiful picture of Playa Sosua in the early 40's:

As you can say from this picture Playa Sosua has not changed a lot in the last 80 years ago: the main difference from today are more trees close to the beach and on the hills behind the beach and of course 80 years ago you could not find toda's characteristic bars, shops and restaurants behind the beach but being hiden by the trees this is not an eye cathcing difference. 
To make it easier the comparison I have taken a picture of Playa Sosua today from the same position, I have colorized the old pictures by manually filling all color channels in the most realistic way (a long procedure but very important to make a good comparison) and this is the result:

Playa Sosua: still as beautiful as in the old days of early Sosua....possibly more!

I want to thank Mr Steve Walter for sharing his old picture of Playa Sosua making it possible for us to learn more about Sosua and its history ( I recommend visiting the Sosua Virtual Museum to learn about Sosua in the late thirties and early forties).