Monday, December 4, 2017

More on Dominican Republic Snakes

We have already posted an article about the Haitian Boa that can be seen in the North Coast of the Dominican Republic and we are now continuing our journey into the spectacular Dominican Republic wildlife by showing some pictures of another snake that can be seen in the Noarth Coast of the Dominican Republic.
One reader has sent us some pictures of a Culebra Cerde de Hispaniola found in Sosua, a green colubrid snake (there are three species of this genus: Uromacer Catesbyi, Uromacer Oxyrhynchus, Uromacer Frenatus): it lives on the tropical trees. Sometimes the Uromacer Catesby can also be seen on the ground when, during the day, it looks for preys such as frogs and lizards (as seen in the pictures below).

Good news: these snakes are not dangerously venomous to humans, it has been reported that those biten by these snakes have felt just a mild burning sensation! Only the poor small lizard should be afraid of it! The Uromacer Catesby is a docile and shy snake (approximately 80cm long) of a pale green on the lower half and intense green on the higher half of its body, it is difficult to see them because they spend most of their time on trees where they cannot be easily spotted because of their color.
More on the Dominican wildlife in the upcoming posts: stay tuned!