Saturday, December 2, 2017

Monumental Ceiba in Sosua

December 2, 2017
Visitors of Sosua will be amazed by some incredibly beautiful tropical trees that can be found in the tropical gardens in and around the town. One of the most spectacular treee is the Ceiba.
The Ceiba is a tropical tree native of tropical and subtropical area of the Americas, the Caribbean and West Africa, some species can be as high as 230 ft (70 meters).
In the picture below you can see a Ceiba of Sosua with amazing roots and  buttress extending at the base of the trunk:

The Ceiba tree was considered a sacred tree in most of pre-Columbian Mesoamerican cultures, especially for the Mayan culture as a symbol of the axis mundi connecting the underwalrd to the sky.
The native Dominican culture of Tainos also used to consider Ceiba as sacred trees: they were thought to be energy conductors and to be able to pass these anergy to humans by laying hands on their trunks.
The wood of the Ceiba is light and workable and the Tainos used Ceiba trunks to make canoes.