Monday, November 27, 2017

Snakes in Sosua

Sosua November 27, 2017
We have been asked if snakes can be found in Sosua and Cabarate and if they are dangerous at all.
We have never seen live snakes in Sosua and Cabarate but the answer is yes: snakes do live in the Dominican Republic Noarth Coast but they are not dangerous nor poisonous!
A reader has sent us a picture of a dead snake found on a road just outside Sosua:

From the colors  and from the head shape it looks like an "Epicrates fordi" or Ford's boa or "Haitian ground boa": on Hispaniola Island it can be found mainly in Haiti, it is a small boa, it can attain a total lenght of 74 cm (29 inches) . It is not dangeours form man, it eats mainly small rodents.
So do not worry about snakes and reptinels: the Dominican Republic is a safe place , just relax and enjoy the sunof Sosua and Cabarate!