Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Sosua Festival Multicultural 2017

November 29, 2017
On Friday December 1 the seventh edition of the Sosua Festival Multicultural will start.
Few days ago with a press conference of the Mayor of Sosua Mrs Ilana Neumann the Festival has officialy been presented.  Preparations for this event which is expected to bring in Sosua thousand of visitors are almost completed  at Park De Las Flores in Sosua.

The event program is the following:

Friday December 1
DAY 1: Festival Multicultural of Sosua:
19:00 Official Opening
19:35 Restaurant Opening: it will be possible to taste various food specialties from many countries
21:00 Music show: Live Dominican music orchestra

Saturday December 2
DAY 2:Festival Multicultural of Sosua:
11:00 Morning opening
12:00 Activities for Kids
12:30 Restaurants open for lunch
17:00 Zumba Dominicana
19:00 Cooking show
21:00 Music show: Banda Libre

Sunday December 3
DAY 3:Festival Multicultural of Sosua:
10:00 Morning opening
12:30 Restaurants open for lunch
15:00 Pinada for kids
19:00 Pizza Competition
20:30 Fashion Show
21:30 Closing concert: Miriam Cruz


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Playa Sosua check-up

November 28, 2017
Playa Sosua is one of the most beutiful beaches of the whole Caribbean and Sosua is rightfully proud of it. We all remember how all the sand beaches of the Dominican North Coast were severely damaged by hurricane Irma and hurricane Maria in September, local newspaper such as Listin Diario covered this topic with articles dedicated to the bad sand erosion process caused by the hurrricanes and damaging beaches like Playa Sosua and Playa Alicia in particular.
What happened and what has changed since then?
The high tide caused by the strong winds of these hurricanes flooded the beach of Playa Sosua and all the other beaches of the Noarth Coast with waves covering the whole sandy beach:

Waves and high tides covering Playa Sosua

The waves during the hurricanes washed off a lot of sand from the beach (we have posted a couple of video a couple of month ago documenting the power of the waves striking Playa Sosua) and the result after the hurricanes passed was a badly damaged beach :

The extent of the damage suffered by Playa Sosua after the hurricanes

In the aftermath of the hurricane Sosua beach crowd was worried about the situation of Sosua beaches: a natural process of sand recovery was hoped by most but not guaranteed at all.
Now, a couple of months from the passage of those terrible hurricanes Playa Sosua sandy beach is back again in all its shine thank you to Mother Nature! This is really a blessed place: natural tides , gentle ocean currents and protection provided by Playa Sosua coral reef have naturally repaired most of the damage:

This is Playa Sosua on November 27, 2017

The beach crowd can feel relieved: the good old beach days are back!
Long live to Playa Sosua!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Sosua birdwatching

November 27, 2017
A storm of birds of prey flight over Sosua hills: a reader sent us this video, it is too far to be sure but it looks like these are New World Vultures (most likely Turkey Vultures) flying in circle.

A Turkey Vulture close up

Sosua is a bird watching and nature lovers' paradise with thousands species of tropical birds, animals and trees.

Snakes in Sosua

Sosua November 27, 2017
We have been asked if snakes can be found in Sosua and Cabarate and if they are dangerous at all.
We have never seen live snakes in Sosua and Cabarate but the answer is yes: snakes do live in the Dominican Republic Noarth Coast but they are not dangerous nor poisonous!
A reader has sent us a picture of a dead snake found on a road just outside Sosua:

From the colors  and from the head shape it looks like an "Epicrates fordi" or Ford's boa or "Haitian ground boa": on Hispaniola Island it can be found mainly in Haiti, it is a small boa, it can attain a total lenght of 74 cm (29 inches) . It is not dangeours form man, it eats mainly small rodents.
So do not worry about snakes and reptinels: the Dominican Republic is a safe place , just relax and enjoy the sunof Sosua and Cabarate!

Saturday, November 25, 2017


Hotel Bellamar is conveniently located right in front of Playa Sosua with stunning views of the beach from the outdoor pool. Air-conditioning and wi-fi in all the rooms.

  • Address: Calle Alejo Martinez No.1, Sosúa 57000, Repubblica Dominicana
  • Telephone: +1-809-571-1180
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Hotel Victorian House is located in Sosua, 1 minute walk from the main beach, great beachview and walking distance from all Sosua amenities. Air-conditioning and wi-fi in all the rooms. Outdoor pool.

  • Address: Calle Alejo Martinez No.1, Sosúa 57000, Repubblica Dominicana

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Friday, November 24, 2017


HotelNew Garden in Sosua is conveniently located on central Calle Dr. Rosen at a walking distance from all Sosua amenities and nightlife. It has an outdoor pool and hot tub. All rooms have air conditioningand a balcony.

Address: Calle Dr. Rosen 32, Sosua
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Hotel Casa Valeria Sosua is conveniently located on central Calle Dr. Rosen at a walking distance from all Sosua amenities and nightlife. It has a refreshing outdoor pool with tropical trees all around. The hotel includes a nice restaurant and the rooms are comfortable and clean. 

Address: Calle Dr. Rosen 28, Sosua