Monday, October 2, 2017

Playa Alicia Sosua

Playa Alicia is the second most famous beach of Sosua and the youngest one: it formed in 2006 when ocean currents changed and started to erode sand from nearby Casa Marina Beach moving it to the new forming playa.

Unlike Playa Sosua which is inside a bay and which has got a a coral reef   protecting it from the ocean waves, Playa Alicia is more exposed and it usually has higher waves than Playa Sosua: this is good for those liking to ride waves but it makes Playa Alicia somewhat riskier for kids to swim.

In front of Playa Alicia there is a park called parque Mirador, dedicated to the Jewish people who settled in Sosua during WWII, it can be reached by walking into the Calle Dr Rosen till its end in the direction of the ocean: enjoy it!

Playa Alicia - year 2017
Playa Alicia - year 2006

Playa Alicia - year 2002