Sosua: gala concert

Sosua residents and visitors can visit Casa de Arte in Sosua to book their seat for the upcoming gala concert of this Sunday December 17 at 18:30 which will be hold at the Salon de Convenciones of the Sosua Bay hotel  in calle Dr Alejo Martinez  n.1.

Enjoy Sosua!

Sosua: blue eyes anole lizard

Caribbean Green Anole Lizards are abroreal lizards, their coloration ranges from green to brown and they can change their color. These lizards  are usually twelve to 20 centimeters long incloding the long tail, their diet includes insects, spiders, butterflies, grasshoppers. 
In the North coast of the Dominican republic thre are many varieties of anole lizards: we have received a picture from one of our readers of a special one from Sosua which really deserves a dedicated post here: it is a green lizard with a special pigmentation around its eyes whicj makes it look a blue eyed lizard. 

When you visit Sosua, always keep an eye on the amazing nature all around you, you may see incredible creatures like this! We have post this nice picture on our Sosua pictures gallery: if you would like to share some of yours more pictures are always welcome!

Sosua Christmas concert

Sunday December 3 at 14:30 string orchestra in the street of Sosua to celebrate the upcoming Christmas: an event organised by the cultural centre Casa de Arte of Sosua with the patronage of the Ayuntamento Municipal. The orchestra will make a tour of Sosua from Charramicos to ElBatey.


Mariposas Sosua

We have recently posted a picture of a tropical butterfly taken in Sosua and now a kind reader from Sosua has sent us another amazing butterfly (mariposa) picture: we have post it in our image gallery of Sosua, thank you for sharing!

Butterfly/ Mariposa Sosua

Bachata concerts Sosua and Puerto Plata

Bachata is an original Dominican popular music originating in the countryside from Indigenous and African music elements in the early sixties: in its first years bachata was considered a rustic and vulgar music by the Dominican upper class however it tarted to grow more and more popular and it now has a worlwide audience as one of the most famous lastin nusic style.
Visitors of Sosua sometimes have a chance to see live bachata concerts of local bachateros in some of the bars on El Batey while major concerts usually take place on Puerto Plata or Santiago.
There is an upcoming major concert next Saturday at 20:30 in the amphitheatre of Puerto Plata with Frank Reyes, nicknamed "el principe de la bachata", it may be a good opportunity for visitors of Sosua to enjoy a local event and to have a chance to hear a live bachata concert!

Below a little preview of what to expect with a video of "Ajena" a Frank Reyes hit from few years


Sosua: New flights to Puerto Plata

The French airline XL Airways France will start new weekly flights from paris CDG airport to the Puerto Plata international airport from December 15th to May 3o, 2018: a welcome news for European tourists looking for direct flights to Puerto Plata to spend their Caribbean vacations in Sosua or Cabarete.

Airbus A330 XL Airways France (picture

Puerto Plata Airport non resident passengers are up 15% from las year as of October 2017.

Sosua: multiple rainbows

Panoramic view of Playa Sosua: today rare multiple rainbows crossing the sky over Playa Sosua could be seen from the panoramic hills of Los Cerros.

Sosua: Multiple rainbows

Sosua: snorkeling on the coral reef of Playa Sosua

You don't need to be a scuba diver to enjoy the underwater world of a coral reef... in Playa Sosua you can easily swim to the reef which is very close to the beach and there you can start snorkeling around  watching tropical fishes , sponges, corals and other tropical wonders.
The pictures below are taken from the water surface snorkeling on the coral reef right in front of Playa Sosua. There is even more: if you are too lazy to swim you can take a tour of the reaf with one clear bottom boats of those they rent on the beach and have a chance to see all this!


Enjoy Playa Sosua!

Butterflies Sosua

In the Dominican Republic there are approximately 900 species of butterflies: visitors of Sosua will love looking around discovering amazing species of butterflies with spectacular eye catching colors. Taking a picture of a tropical butterfly (mariposa in Spanish) to bring home sometimes  is a good idea  because you won't easily find it at home.

A butterfly of Sosua

Readers are welcome to send their butterfly pictures: we will post them in our  Sosua Gallery section.

Puerto Plata International Airport - Sosua - Cabarete

The international airport Gegorio Luperon of Puerto Plata is the arrival airport for Sosua and Cabarete visitors: it is conveniently located just 5 km (3 miles) from Sosua which can be easily reached by taxi, a taxi ride from the airport to Sosua costs a flat 25 US$ fee with official taxis located just outside the arrival area of the airport. It is advisable to always agree with the taxi the flat fee in advance.

Puerto Plata International Airport

Puerto Plata International Airport directions to Sosua

The Puerto Plata international airport is the fourth airport for passengers volume of the Dominican Republic with 858,209 arrivals in 2016 catching 6% of all passengers flying to the Dominican republic according to official IDAC statistics:

Passengers arrival to Puerto Plata Airport per year

Serving important touristic destinations such as Sosua and Cabarete, the Puerto Plata Airport has a broad international reach with flights to and from Canada, USA, France, Germany, UK and Switzerland.

There are flights from Canada to Puerto Plata operated by Air Canada, Transat, Sunwings, flights from Germany operated by Condor and Eurowings, flights form the United States operated by American Airlines and JetBlue.

Arrivals to Puerto Plata International Airport can be tracked from the official airport website here:

Departures from  Puerto Plata International Airport can be tracked from the official airport website here:

Upon arrival international non resident passengers must pay a 10 USD tourist tax pep person before getting to the baggage collection area: it is advisable to heve the exact change ready.